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Welcome to Anti Aging with Sasha!

You are here because you want to learn how to turn back the clock, right? How to treat wrinkles, saggy skin and the general wear and tear that comes with aging, and, if you are here for the life extension section, you possibly want to live longer too.

Being a sceptic when it comes to miracle wrinkle creams and elixirs of eternal youth, I found scientific research on every anti-aging cosmetic, cosmeceutical, health tip and technique on this site.

What I found when I did look up the science was that you can renew your skin with various topical creams. The the rest you do with Botox, fillers and the odd nip and tuck - but the devil is in the detail, as ever. Botox in the wrong place, filler in the wrong hands plus a lunchtime face lift and no sunblock - these are ways to empty your bank account fast, and you won't look any younger.

I found more than I ever planned on actually. Like the wonderful Mr Aubrey de Grey here..! Bet you didn't expect to see an engineer on a beauty site..! What d'ya mean he'd look ten years younger without the beard already? That is soooo not the point. The man is up there with Darwin and Einstein in my book. That is, we might all end up owing him an awful lot one day.

He isn't just working on the illusion of eternal youth, but the real thing. Don't worry, he has nothing to sell you but an idea..

What is "aging"?

'Aging' is an extraordinarily poorly used term, as Mr de grey says. I fire any doctor or veterinarian who says something is "just age". It is like explaining the weather by invoking 'god'- might or might not be the actual case, but as a demonstration of your understanding of the real-world mechanism involved - woeful. This is where my anti aging approach differs from that of Mr de Grey's SENS Foundation in that I find when a doctor or vet says "its just old age" and miss something as simple as a glutathione deficiency causing nuclear sclerosis (cloudy eyes) in your dog. Yes, older dogs get it, yes it is caused by age. Kinda. No, that doesn't mean you can't do something.

'Old age' is where the SENS Foundation starts its thinking, and where your average doctor stops. So our perspectives differ. I'm not trying to save humanity, only my dog, but we both mean the same thing. Age is solveable.

Why we need to know about wrinkle treatments

To put it bluntly - because job security and mating opportunities depend on it, for now. Average lifespans have increased enormously over the past century. In the days when people died at 40 they had better things to worry about. Now people often live to be 90 and at the rate lifespans are increasing many of us might live to be much older than that. It natural we do not wish to look saggy and wrinkly for two thirds (plus) of our lives.

Any dermatologist worth their pay should be able to remove a wrinkle - its how long it stays gone is the issue, whether you wouldn't have been better off sorting out the tissue volume loss instead, and how much it allcosts. For this reason I've given preference on the site to permanent fixes for wrinkles and other beauty problems, due to the price when repeat treatments and the cost of taking time out of our busy days are considered.

What causes wrinkled skin?

Aging can be defined as the eventual failure of maintenance. Our bodies are complex and there is much to maintain, therefore, broadly speaking, the culprits are:- sunlight (UV damage), sugar (and other causes of inflammation such as toxic buildup of waste products) and DNA mutations accumulating over time (causing our body chemistry to not be what it once was).

Treatments include improving skin barrier function, skin regenerating by various means, soft tissue augmentation, skin tightening, pigment correction, changes in body chemistry and preventative measures.

How do I decide which is for me?

Thats where I come in! Everything on this site works. I've either seen it work or there is credible scientific evidence that I usually quote. I'll help you decide which technique you need to ask your dermatologist, beautician or doctor about and for which problem. For instance Botox won't cure hollow cheeks and Aquamid won't cure crows feet (its the other way round).

I've seen perfectly intelligent people wonder if Botox will lift a sagging jaw! Arrgghh!!! Thats why I made this site - a pressing social need..

lf I recommend a wrinkle cream I'll only recommend the ones that remodel collagen or promote collagen and elastin synthesis or otherwise have some proven or at least scientifically plausible anti-aging mechanism - while having the ingredients in useful quantities. (Yet another wrinkle cream scam for the unwary - make a Retinol cream with about one molecule of Retinol actually in it even though you can use up to 5%).

Which reminds me. You can start with wrinkle cream hype

Next read psychology of anti-aging.

Once you have the hang of those, its down to the practical stuff! You have to ask yourself, honestly..

Why am I looking old?

Everyone thinks 'wrinkles' but its not always the case. Not even mostly the case. You need to take an objective look at your face.

If you think back to your schooldays, you might remember having one or two friends with exceptionally dry skin who had a few laughter lines or forehead lines? These children looked slightly older perhaps, but they didn't look 40 or so. Yet there are people with no wrinkles to speak of who do look forty and older. Whats going on?

The answer is mostly subcutaneous fat. The layer of fat under the skin that plumps it out. We lose this as we age. Unless you have some very deep wrinkles indeed, the reason you are looking older than 30 is most likely the loss of fat under the skin. It needs replacing with filler. That's the single biggest secret to reversing the appearance of aging.

Isn't anti-aging expensive?

Well, it can be. But a lot of the money the big hollywood stars spend isn't on the products and services themselves - it is on someone expensive enough to tell them what or when something needs doing, and I'm guessing these surgeons and beauticians are paid as much for their tact as their expertise - then again there are people like Goldie Hawn who can tell you exactly which bit she is going to see about fixing up next.

Some things you can do don't cost anything. Others, such as factor 50 sunblock, cost very little and beat face lift hands down is you start at 20. Sometimes the active ingredient in a drug or treatment is available in a natural form, unpatented, such as Retin A / Tretinoin / Retinol / Retinol in Rose hip seed oil (Rosa Mosqueta, Canina or Rubignosa). This makes it cheaper to produce but means, (due to the lack of potential profit by big drug companies) the substance has not undergone the same clinical trials the brand name or generic substance has, and large drug companies do not therefore control access to it. If you are serious about anti-aging and wrinkle removal - this is a good thing.